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Recent Interest Rate Hike Implications

Thursday Mar 24th, 2022


In an attempt to cool the real-estate market and reduce inflation, the Bank of Canada has increased the overnight interest rate by 0.25%. An increase in the cost of borrowing is certain to have an impact on the number of homeowners and homebuyers. According to economists, Canadians could see as many as four interest rate hikes this year, each comprising an additional 25 basis points. By the second half of 2023, the interest rate is expected to reach 1.75 per cent. Those with fixed-rate... [read more]

Condominium Market Resurges in the GTA

Tuesday Feb 8th, 2022


One year ago, the condominium market cooled as many first-time buyers waited to pull the trigger on purchasing due to economic certainty. The Toronto condo market was impacted the most out of any city in Canada, with the number of listings surging, prices falling and an oversupply of vacant units leading to falling rents. However, not only is the Toronto condo market rebounding now, it is anticipated to surpass the price gains of detached homes in Toronto. The Toronto Regional Real Estate... [read more]