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PropertyHound is a long standing pet friendly and dynamic multi award winning real estate team.  Providing decades of sales and service experience in the real estate industry.  Integrity, honesty and knowledge in our profession is what we strive for.  Constantly evolving and keeping ahead of the times in our ever changing market.

Whether you are a first time buyer, a seller, an investor, new to the city or just downsizing.  PropertyHound offers a one stop real estate services whereby we can put together a complete team to streamline your buying or selling experience.  We work alongside many other professionals such as lawyers, mortgage specialists, home inspectors and even contractors to assist you in realizing your real estate needs and goals.  

The Keys To Buying

Why make a decision before understanding what you're getting yourself into? Why sign documents that you don't fully comprehend? When it comes to arguably the most important investment in your lifetime, you deserve all the answers. We are here to help!