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We at Team Propertyhound.ca are not only pet loving and friendly property specialists, we are owners too! Propertyhound.ca knows how important a neighbourhood and a home is to you and your pet.

We provide FREE pet information in regards to all real estate matters, which include areas with off leash parks, pet friendly condominiums, animal services, and pet friendly neighbourhoods. Team Propertyhound.ca knows that your pet is a big part of your family, and we can help find the best suitable place for you and your pet.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, downsizing, a seller, an investor, or new in the city; Property Hound offers one-stop real estate services whereby we can put a team of lawyers, mortgage specialists and home inspectors to make your home ownership experience as stress free as possible.

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Why make a decision before understanding what you're getting yourself into? Why sign documents that you don't fully comprehend? When it comes to arguably the most important investment in your lifetime, you deserve all the answers. I'm here to help.